About Us

Samrin Food and Spice Inc. (DBA Bismillah Butchery and Deli) is a new Indian spice and meat shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This establishment will operate as a subsidiary of Samrin Foodstuff Trading LLC, which has been operational in Dubai since 2021. It is known for specializing in sourcing and supplying premium imported spices, grains, cereals, food and beverages, fresh and frozen seafood, sugar, flour, juices, as well as fruits and vegetables, and other related items.

The entity now plans to expand its operations to the Canadian market, offering an exceptional and exquisite spice collection that will delight the diverse taste preferences of Muslims in Atlantic Canada. It will cater to a diverse range of B2B and B2C customers, including the local Muslim community, residents, families, halal food consumers, international students, food enthusiasts, and local restaurants within the Halifax regional municipality.

The facility will provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality halal meat for the Muslim community along with exotic, authentic, imported, popular, and high-quality spices from global hotspots such as Dubai, India, Pakistan, and other regions known for their distinctive flavours. This curated range will showcase the rich culinary traditions of the Indian subcontinent and beyond.


"To provide a diverse selection of premium and halal meats and imported Indian spices while fostering a welcoming environment, enhancing cultural appreciation, and delivering unparalleled service to our customers."


"To become a go-to place for premium-quality Halal meats, spices, and deli products."

About The Founder

Sameer Abdul


Sameer Abdul is the founder and owner of Samrin Food and Spice Inc. He is chiefly responsible for supervising strategic operations and business management. Sameer possesses remarkable and dynamic qualities, demonstrating profound expertise in steering businesses. In 2021, the owner initiated his business in Dubai and swiftly attained success, emerging as a prominent force in the local market. He is known for his strategic insight and innovative approach in the food and spice industry. With a keen eye for quality, he has curated a diverse range of products that reflect his commitment to excellence. His leadership has propelled the business to new heights, prompting the decision to expand into untapped markets. Sameer's dedication to customer satisfaction and ability to adapt to evolving market trends make him a dynamic and influential figure in the business landscape. His great expertise in strategic management and skillset are poised to establish a distinctive and prosperous enterprise in Halifax's dynamic food market.

Our Team